What does everyone else know that I don’t?

Hello! I’m so glad you took a moment to stop by my Daily Keys. The reason I call this “Daily Keys” is because, until I started studying the ideas and concepts that I will be sharing with you, I felt that there was something I was missing in life. You know that “day late and a dollar short” feeling? In my relationships, my career, in all areas of my life, I would get just this close to success, and then something would happen. I’d trip over my own feet, or something would fly in from left field and knock me sprawling. I felt that there was something I hadn’t been told, something everyone else but me knew, like a memo had gone out and I hadn’t gotten a copy. I felt like success was just on the other side of the door, but I didn’t have the key.

So I looked and searched and prayed. I’ve never lost my faith but I felt like even there I was missing some vital detail. Then I happened across the Law of Attraction. Here, finally, was something that made sense. It wasn’t just the same old “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” stuff that I’d been hearing everywhere else. It felt right, like I had always been on the right track but HERE was the piece I’d been missing, the point of view I couldn’t quite find, the key I needed to unlock the door.

To me, the Law of Attraction is just another way of saying Faith. Real, practical, effective faith. The difference between the way I understand faith after learning about the Law of Attraction and the way I grew up understanding faith is razor-thin but hugely important. It’s the difference between believing God can do something, and knowing He will.  I grew up in a Christian home, I am still a Christian, and even though I have searched I have yet to find a conflict between the Law of Attraction and Christianity. On the contrary, I have come to better understand many of the things I had always wondered about. I’ve had many questions answered, and have in fact grown stronger in my faith.

I hope that you can draw from this site the same sort of strength I have. And if you aren’t Christian, please don’t let that deter you from exploring the things I will share here with you. While I will at times point out how the things I’ve learned (and am still learning) in my studies of the Law of Attraction have supported my faith, I have also seen that these principles, exercises and ideals can be applied successfully by anyone of any religion, creed or philosophy.

Thank you again for stopping by. I hope that you’ll continue to join me on this journey, and use these Daily Keys to open new doors in your own life!


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