How do I “let it go”?

Often when we are struggling with an issue in our lives, our friends will tell us to “turn it over to God” or to “let go and let God handle it”. When you study the Law of Attraction, you commonly hear “ask for what you want and then release it to the universe.” But when it is a desperate need that we are seeking help with, or an important issue with a relationship that we desire a resolution to, letting go is often one of those things that is much more easily said than done. When something is weighing on us heavily, how do we let it go?

While the specific path you will follow in learning to let something go is something only you can find, there are two major steps that will help. Each person’s journey to this release is slightly different, but these two factors almost always play a vital role.

The first step is remembering your faith. Find your trust. Remember other times in your life when you’ve been anxious for something and the issue was resolved (and often in ways you wouldn’t have been able to imagine before they happened). Remember the words of Jesus when he said, “Whatever you desire, when you pray for it, believe that you have received it and you will have it,” (Mark 11:24 and Matthew 21:22). Remember the faith as a grain of mustard seed (Luke17:6). Don’t doubt that these statements are for you just as much as they were for the men standing before Him. They are just as valid today as they ever were. When you are asking, remember your faith. Know that it will be done. Remember, faith isn’t believing God (or the universe, or spirit, or whatever you ascribe the power to) can, it is knowing that He WILL. And be sure to feel gratitude for this, because if you truly believe you’ve already received whatever you ask for, shouldn’t you feel grateful that the issue is resolved? It isn’t presumptuous to thank God for something He’s told you He will give you! In fact, it’s exactly the right thing to do. It’s done, be thankful!

And once you’ve done this, once you’ve found your faith and felt that assurance, and once you’ve expressed your gratitude, then you “let it go” by not dwelling on it any longer. Don’t think about it. Don’t try to work out a solution. Don’t try to think of an answer. If your mind keeps going back to it, find something to DO! Something that will engage your mind, not something you can do automatically. If it’s a task your body is trained to carry out without your mind being involved, you’ll just go back to dwelling on your problem. Find something to engage you and throw yourself into it. Do some work you need to catch up on. Read a good book. Watch a movie. I have noticed better results if I do something that will help me reach one of my other goals, some work that needs to be done on another aspect of my life. That way I’m moving forward in one area, even while awaiting a resolution in another. IF you do catch yourself drifting back to the issue, just express gratitude that it is resolved and get your mind back to what you were doing.

In short, we have to understand the difference between knowing and gnawing. When we trust that the issue is handled, when we have accepted that the problem is resolved, when we KNOW that it’s taken care of, we are on the right track. The trouble most of us have is that we continue to GNAW on the problem, even after we have supposedly “let it go.” Don’t gnaw on it.  Go bury that bone and find something else to do!

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