Give to Live, or How can I give when I’m broke as a joke?

give to liveEvery once in a while I’ll hear a song that I’ll add to a special playlist of mine. It doesn’t have to be a new song. In fact it is often a song that has been around for a while, but I’ve forgotten about it or maybe never really listened to it carefully. It may just be that it has the right attitude, the right spirit that can inspire me to keep my mind on track. It could just be that it’s positive and upbeat and helps improve my mood. But sometimes I’ll really hear a song for the first time and realize that there is some important truth in it, some element that makes it truly worthwhile.

One of those songs is Sammy Hagar’s Give to Live. It was first released on his 1987 I Never Said Goodbye album. Here’s the chorus:

“If you want love you’ve got to give a little.
If you want faith you just believe a little.
If you want peace turn your cheek a little.
You’ve got to give,
You’ve got to give,
You’ve got to give… to live.”

There’s more than a little truth in that song. In fact, sums up three of the most vital elements of the Law of Attraction in one of the most beautiful, succinct, and clearest ways I’ve ever heard.

When you begin to study the Law of Attraction, possibly the one element that causes people the most confusion is giving. Nearly every teacher who shares the law, in whatever way they go about it, will tell you that giving is vital to truly making the most of the law and your life. The confusion comes in when people say, “I’m trying to learn about this stuff because I don’t have enough as it is. I’m barely (or not) making ends meet. How am I supposed to give?”

Well, that’s the thing. You give what you have. Money isn’t the only thing you can give, though if you look you have a mite lying around somewhere. But you also have time, talents, and hands. There’s always something you can give. Start looking for opportunities.

You have ears. Listen to a friend who is having troubles. Share your time with them. Give them a shoulder to cry on, give them some support. It may be that you see an opportunity to help them see their problem from a more positive angle. Or it could just be that talking through the problem allows them to see the solution on their own.

You have hands. Do something for someone. Hold a door for someone, help a friend move, go volunteer at a soup kitchen for a couple of hours.

It is almost guaranteed that you have clothes that you either no longer wear or that don’t even fit anymore. Do yourself and someone else a favor: wash them, dry them, fold them, and donate them to charity. You’ll help someone else out, and you’ll make that much more room in your closet. And one little key here…don’t take the receipt. Don’t worry about the tax right off. That’s not giving, that’s selling. If you sell something, the price you receive is all the benefit you’ll ever see from it.

You have talents, gifts, abilities. How can you use them to help someone?

In a few weeks we’ll take a much more in-depth look at giving, why it’s so important, and all the different ways it can manifest. But for now, just give some thought to giving.

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