Change your self-image and change your life

How we see ourselves determines who we are.

How we see ourselves determines who we are.

You can never overcome your self-image. It is the baseline that your life is set to, the thermostat that controls your results. When you set the thermostat in your home, it constantly monitors the temperature. When that temperature falls below what you have set it to, it turns on the furnace to bring things back to the norm. In much the same way, when you find yourself falling below the standards you’ve set your self-image will notice and motivate you to improve. It will bring you back to the norm, until your results are again matching what your personal thermostat is set to.

The problem is that this works both ways. While your self-image can help you keep your results up to a certain level, it will also keep you from surpassing that level for any length of time. You may see someone doing better than you are, or hear someone speak, and become motivated to do better. You may see impressive results at first, but just as the thermostat at home notices an increase in the temperature and turns the air conditioning on, before long your self-image will notice the deviation from the norm and cool your fire inside. You may convince yourself that your improvement is a fluke, or even become frightened of success and convinced it can’t continue at that level. However it happens, your motivation will fade and your results will again fall back to the baseline level that your self-image is set to.

The key to true, permanent change is to change your self-image first. Instead of seeing yourself as you think you are, begin to see yourself as the person you want to be. Spend some time thinking about who you want to be, and make a firm, detailed picture of you as that person. Hold this image in your mind, cling to it, get excited about it. Make a practice of spending a few moments each day visualizing yourself the way you want to be. Not just your weight or your income or your relationships, but a composite of your whole life. Include all of these elements, along with your attitude and your outlook. See yourself as happy, healthy and wealthy, abundant and successful in all areas of your life. See yourself as you truly want to live, and fix that image in your mind. Not just as a dream or a wish, but as a conscious decision to make that who you are. Understand that present circumstances are the result of yesterday’s thought, and that tomorrow’s circumstances will be the result of today’s thought. Accept this image of you, embrace it, and hold it for a time each day for thirty days. When you’ve adjusted the self-image, truly changed the way you see yourself in your heart, then you’ve raised the baseline of your performance and you will see permanent improvement. You’ve raised your personal thermostat to a higher temperature, and your results will improve, by default.

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