Don’t let life’s ‘possums run you off the road to your goals

Live in the moment, but don't neglect your goals.

Live in the moment, but don’t neglect your goals.

Today, I want to talk to you about a issue that many struggle with, including myself. You can call it short-sightedness, or you can call it distraction. Whatever you call it, it is letting issues around you take your eyes off of your goals. It’s letting daily problems, worries and concerns draw your vision off the horizon and plant it firmly at your own feet. It’s giving all of your attention to the little problems of the moment instead of the greater things you are headed toward.

Remember when you were learning to drive? The instructor told you that most of the time you should keep your eyes down the road where you were headed, not directly in front of the car. If you keep your eyes on the road right where you are, you tend to swerve and weave as you try to compensate for every little curve. If your eyes are focused down the road, on where you are headed, then the little curves and bends in the road are taken care of. You don’t have to worry about them because you handle them almost instinctively.

Reaching our goals in life is the same. Looking down the road, we see the things we are striving for, the things we visualize about. If we just keep our eyes on our goal, we will drive straight to it and move around the minor obstacles in our way automatically. But sometimes we have trouble doing that. When life’s ‘possum’s and armadillos run out into our road, we jerk and swerve to miss them. And then our vision is locked onto the road right in front of us. It takes a bit of effort to make ourselves focus on the horizon again. We must lift our eyes, though, or we’re going to end up out in the middle of a cotton field somewhere and have no idea how we got there.

This is one reason that daily exercises or meditations are so important. Spending from 5 minutes to a half hour, usually first thing in the morning, in visualizing our goals and in feeling gratitude for both the blessings we already enjoy and the ones about to manifest will help keep us focused on our goals. And remember, exactly what the exercises are or how you do them isn’t as important as making sure you do them every day.

While it’s true that to enjoy life we must live in each moment, our goals all have the purpose of improving the quality of those moments. I’m not suggesting we constantly sit around day-dreaming about a bigger house or a nicer car or a diamond ring. Not at all. When you’re spending time with your family and friends, when you’re doing your work, be fully in that moment. Give the people around you the best you have. Make your work the best you can make it. Give everything 100%, no matter what it is. But when the annoyances of life start to occupy the majority of your thoughts, that’s when you should move your eyes back toward your goals.

Success isn’t a destination, it’s a constant journey to bigger and better things. The day we stop growing is the day we start dying. We have to keep our eyes on our current prize, and once we reach it we begin to seek out another.

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