Fear is nothing to be scared of

diamond coal-gardnerDeveloping persistence in following your dreams can be one of the trickiest parts of reaching your goals. Things will get in the way, people will try to discourage you, doubts will arise, fear will assault you. I would be lying if I told you otherwise. When things get in the way, you go around them. When people try to discourage you, realize that it’s because they don’t understand what you are doing, and very possibly either have no goals themselves or else have no idea how to reach them. And the fear and doubt? Those are easy, once you know exactly why you feel them. A little understanding can help you face these negative emotions and break through them to the other side.

Your emotions are indicators of what you are thinking about and whether or not those thoughts are in harmony with the things you truly want. Just as our brain is divided into two hemispheres, our mind is divided into two sections. The conscious mind is where we set our goals, decide what we want and what we are going to think about. It is our intellectual center, where we decide which thoughts we are going to accept and which we are going to reject. By holding those thoughts and images that we want and dwelling on them with feeling, we impress them into the subconscious mind, which directs our actions. Have you ever caught yourself doing something and wondered, “Why am I doing this?” Because the thought has been impressed on your subconscious mind. What are habits? Thoughts impressed in our subconscious mind. When you have a thought over and over, it becomes conditioning. It becomes deeply seated in your subconscious without you even being aware of it any longer.

Your emotions function much like the warning lights on a car’s dashboard. They are your indicator that there is a disconnect between what you are thinking in your conscious mind and what is already impressed in your subconscious mind. At first this fact can work against you, but it is actually meant to work for you.

FEAR: False Evidence Appearing Real

When you first make up your conscious mind and set an ambitious goal, the fear and doubt that you immediately feel is because of this disagreement between the new thought and the ones already at home in your subconscious. If you decide you are going to become wealthy, the doubt and worry that set in at once are because your new thought doesn’t mesh with the conditioning you already have that says that there is some sort of nobility in poverty, or that all rich people cheated others to get there, or that there is somehow something wrong with having money. If you are overweight and decide you are going to have the body you’ve always wanted, the same old familiar fear and doubt come rolling in because your subconscious is already programmed with, “you can’t do it”, “you don’t have the willpower to do this”, “your body is just supposed to be this way”, “diets don’t work”, etc. However, by holding the images of wealth, health, or whatever else your goal may be, holding them on purpose and with conviction despite the worries and doubts and despite what others may say, you can impress the new idea into your subconscious and it will then replace the old conditioning.

Once the old, negative conditioning is replaced with your new idea, then your emotions begin to work for you. The ideas impressed into your subconscious are now the ones you want, so when you feel doubt, worry, despair or fear, they are indicators that the things you are thinking about are not in line with what you want, and with a little practice you will immediately be able to change them.

So get comfortable with your dreams by understanding that the fear you feel isn’t real. When you understand that it is just the old conditioning in your subconscious being replaced by the new goals, then you can think of it as no more than the pain you feel after a good workout. And any Marine will tell you that pain is just weakness leaving the body! Yeah, it hurts now, but stick with it! Hang in there and know that soon the fear will fade, the clouds will part, and there will be nothing keeping you from your dreams.

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