What are your reasons for seeking wealth?

We exist on three distinct levels. We have physical bodies, a rational, thinking mind, and a spiritual, ethereal soul. Each of these elements are related to the others, but each have different imperatives. The physical body strives for shelter, sustenance and reproduction. The mind seeks enlightenment, entertainment and beauty. The soul is driven by a desire to connect with God and to improve the lives of others.

A gourmet meal at a beautiful restaurant fulfills the desires of both the body, for food, and the mind, for quality, refinement and art. Sharing of our knowledge and personal wealth appeals to the mind’s appreciation of truth as well as the soul’s desire to help others and be a blessing. Finding another person to spend our lives with meet the needs of both body and soul.

Many times we hear that money isn’t important; it is only used to meet the needs and desires of the physical body, and we should strive for things that appeal to the “higher faculties” instead. But a little thought reveals that the needs of the physical are actually the ones least affected by money. Adequate shelter and sufficient food are not that expensive. In fact they are often supplied by charity or government at little or no cost. It is, in fact, the needs of the mind and soul that are most adequately met when we have the wealth to do so. We can more deeply appreciate art and beauty when we can travel and see them ourselves, when we can afford to visit the places of inspiration, and can own for ourselves things that speak to us personally. We can help others more potently when we can extend our reach beyond our physical location and beyond our physical strength. These things require money.

There is nothing wrong with money or with having money. Indeed, it is the love of money that is the root of all evil, not the money itself. Money is a tool, to be used just like any other tool. As Bob Proctor often points out, money is the servant and you are the master. Problems arise when that equation is reversed.

In your search for wealth, remember that it is a tool. True happiness lies in using our resources to appeal to all three levels of our existence. If you seek only to satisfy the physical body and neglect the mind and soul, your happiness will be temporary at best. If your goal is only to give, to satisfy the soul at the expense of the body, you will suffer unnecessarily and your happiness will be incomplete. Seeking to appeal to one aspect of your being over the others will not produce true, complete happiness. Be sure that your search for wealth is well rounded. When you picture the life you want to live, include elements that appeal to all three levels. Seek balance in your vision. Don’t let desires in one aspect outweigh the others.

Remember, in its simplest terms, the whole point of life is to be happy by letting all three levels of our existence manifest as much as we are able. After that, everything else is added to it. Yes, we are meant to be abundant, but it should be a means to an end, not the end itself.

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