Why Worry?

worryHow many times have we been told not to worry? Everywhere you look, someone is telling you not to worry, from Jesus to the Dali Lama to Bob Marley. Australians are known for saying, “No worries!” We know we aren’t supposed to worry, and most of us try in one way or another to avoid it. But have you ever stopped to think about why?

From a simple physical standpoint, worry is known to cause medical and health issues, ranging from a bad mood to ulcers and worse. It causes undue stress on the body and mind, and simply put, accomplishes absolutely nothing.

If you subscribe to the ideas behind the Law of Attraction, worry is the absolute last thing you want to do. We are told that what we think about with feeling and expectation is what we draw to ourselves. It doesn’t make any difference at all if it’s something you want or something you want to avoid; holding an image in your mind with an emotional charge behind it will bring it to you.

When you worry, you are gnawing on an idea of something you do not want. If it is important enough that it is on your mind that much, then it is something that you are thinking about with the emotional elements of fear and anxiety added to it. This is a recipe for disaster.

Do whatever you can to avoid or minimize the situation. No respectable teacher of the Law will tell anyone to avoid responsibilities for the sake of happy thoughts. Do whatever you can, and then let it go. Get on with your life. Give your full focus and attention to whatever task you are working on, and make each individual task a success in itself. In your free time, instead of worrying, focus on your goals and desires. Visualize them with excitement and expectation instead of thinking of things you don’t want with dread. When you focus on your work with your full attention and dwell on ideas that excite and motivate you, you will be successful. The things you had been fearing will either not materialize or their effects will be mitigated.

Remember, there’s a reason some form of the phrase “fear not” is used in the Bible 365 times…once for each day of the year. Each day comes with a choice: fear what may happen, or rejoice for what will.

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