Is the Law of Attraction Biblical?

True faith allows God to work in our lives.

True faith allows God to work in our lives.

If you were “raised in church” like me, and still retain your faith as an adult, then it’s more than likely that when you first heard of this thing called the Law of Attraction (or many of the other names it and related “Laws” go by) you worried that it was just another silly new age idea. Or worse, a heathen sacrilege or an attempt by man to usurp the role of God. Even if you are beginning to accept it, you may still harbor some secret doubts about whether it is “of God” or “of the world”. I know I did. So let me take a few moments and share with you how I’ve come to understand it.

Before I begin I’d like to say one thing, however; This is not intended to change anyone’s mind. If you already have a strong conviction about the nature of the Law of Attraction, nothing I or anyone else can say will alter that. This is merely how I see it and understand it.

When I was first exposed to these ideas, they were presented in what I can only describe as a metaphysical but not really a spiritual way. While it included the idea that there is more to life than what we can see, any real acknowledgment of God was avoided. I was left feeling that there was some truth here, but not all of it, so I set out on a study of these ideas that continues today.

I did make one connection immediately though. The principle idea, when stripped of all proprietary methods and techniques, boils down to simply this:

1) Decide on what you truly desire.

2) Believe that you already have received it

3) It will then manifest in your life

As soon as I understood what I was hearing, I immediately thought of Mark 11:24 and Matthew 21:22, where Jesus says to his disciples, in response to their amazement at His cursing a fig tree and causing it to wither away:

1) Ask God for what you truly desire

2) Believe that you have already received it

3) God will manifest it in your life

What He actually said was (and I like the phrasing in Mark better, but the message is identical), “What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.” He didn’t say, “What things soever the priest tells you are ok,” or “What things soever you can give away to other people,” or “What things soever that are of a spiritual, ethereal and totally non-physical nature,” or any other extra qualifiers. He simply said, “What things soever ye desire.” It couldn’t be more plain if He’d said “The sky is blue,” or “Love thy neighbor.” While it is often pointed out that it should be understood He meant “What things soever ye desire that are in God’s will for you to have,” when you study this in greater depth you come to understand that if your heart and mind are right, your desires will be acceptable to God. His will for your life is abundance, growth and happiness. Yes, we have commissions and work to do for Him, but He never intended that we do them in misery and poverty.

Is that an oversimplification? Yes, for the sake of brevity. In practice there are more points to consider, such as the vital role gratitude plays. It is not mentioned directly by Jesus in this verse, but it is implied. If you are to believe your desires have already been granted, then isn’t it understood that you should be grateful? (If you have trouble reconciling thankfulness with something that hasn’t manifested yet, I encourage you to go read yesterday’s Daily Key on just that topic.) It may be an oversimplification, but I believe that the greater a truth is, the simpler it is. To me, the Law of Attraction is nothing more than a framework for practicing true, effective faith. It is a practical way of putting into practice what Jesus told us to do. It is a tool, nothing more, and like any tool it can be misused. It can be misunderstood, misrepresented, and appropriated by others for their own gain. But as long as it is viewed as a way to get closer to God and live a fuller life, I personally feel it is a good and wholesome thing.

This is by no means a comprehensive exploration of this subject. There are many, many more points that have led me to believe that this is the way God intended us to live all along. I could go on in much greater depth, and in fact intend to in future Daily Keys and in an upcoming book. This was just sort of a primer, a brief look meant to help you understand one person’s view on the subject. These are the basics of the conclusions I’ve come to in my own evaluation. Remember, no one is responsible for your relationship with God except you, and you should look at any idea presented to you with a critical eye, even the ones you grew up with. Evaluate it with the mind God gave you, pray on it, decide for yourself. But if what I’ve said rings of truth to you, if it makes sense, if you feel it sheds light on things that had seemed somewhat cloudy before, then perhaps you should continue to investigate. That’s what I’m doing.

What is your opinion? Where do you stand on the biblical validity of the Law of Attraction? Feel free to comment below.

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2 Responses to Is the Law of Attraction Biblical?

  1. Steve Lakey says:

    I think you set out the case very well. As a Spiritual, but non-religious person, it’s interesting for me to see the Law of Attraction described from a Christian perspective. The only differences I see are in the phrasing. I like how you ask people to investigate for themselves. Thanks for this article.


    • NIgel Seale says:

      My favorite author on this topic is Neville Goddard who’s work and quotes are Christian and bilblical. My favorite book of his is: The Law and The Promise.

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