There is no limit to the supply


Everything in the universe is made up, at the most basic level, of the same stuff…energy.

People are sometimes afraid to admit what they truly desire, even to themselves, because they are afraid that it will make them selfish. They feel that if they were to receive the things that they want, then somehow someone else must do without. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

The problem is that they are operating under the false assumption that that the supply is limited. They think if they are to get another piece of pie, they have to take a piece from someone else. This simply is not so. The supply is infinite. There is no possible way, even if every single person on the planet had everything they could desire, that the supply could ever be used up! The wonderful thing about our universe is that if we want another piece of pie, we simply bake another pie!

We understand that matter and energy are actually the same thing. Everything in the universe is made up of energy. What appears to be solid matter is actually anything but. If you could look closely at any matter, from water to a diamond to your own hand, you would see that it is actually, at its most basic level, particles of energy separated by vast spaces. There is more empty space in even the densest matter than there is anything else. And one thing we know about energy is that it can never be created or destroyed, it only changes form. When ice melts, it changes to water. When that water in turn evaporates, it still exists in a different form. When you burn something, it changes form into either energy, given off in the form of heat, light and sound, or to different matter, such as ash. What you had before no longer exists in the form it once had, but everything that made it up still exists. All the wealth, all the property, all the gold, silver and diamonds that ever existed still exist in some form.

What we have to do is shift our minds from the competitive to the creative mindset. In the competitive mind, something must be taken from one person in order for it to be given to another. One person must lose for another to win. In the competitive mind, the pie is limited. However, the creative mind sees the infinite supply in the universe and knows that there is vastly more than enough to go around. The creative mind understands that in order for more people to have more pie, we simply make a bigger pie. There is no limit to the supply. If you desire something, it will be brought to you, even if it needs to be formed directly from the raw material of the universe. This is why we give no thought to the hows and whens of receiving, only accept it with gratitude. The only exception to this is that we need to be sure we aren’t desiring something that belongs to someone else. There is no harm in wishing for something like what someone else has, but we should never desire another’s property, customers, success or anything else. After all, why should we? There’s plenty to go around!

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