Love IS Out There

perfect love - robbinsRelationships are just as subject to the power of your mind as any other aspect of your life. With the correct application of your thoughts you can manifest a new relationship or improve an existing one. Just as with other goals you set, decide on a clear image of what you want, and cement that image firmly into your mind.

If you already have a relationship but it isn’t the best, you can make it better. One step is to concentrate on the good aspects of the other person. Each time you find yourself thinking a critical or unkind thought about them, force yourself to stop and replace the thought with a positive one. Mentally praise them and feel gratitude that you have them in your life. If you give all of your thoughts about that person only to their positive qualities, soon those will be the primary qualities you perceive. And don’t forget to share your thoughts with them from time to time. Praise something about them, or express your gratitude for some act they’ve performed. A little effort will go a long way toward repairing a damaged relationship.

If you are seeking a relationship, the first step is to decide exactly what sort of person you are looking for. Be as specific as possible. The more specific you are, the clearer the image in your mind, the easier your visualization will be and in turn your thoughts will be more powerful. Decide exactly what you are looking for, from physical appearance to personality. Imagine yourself with that person. Do things with them in your mind. Go for a walk in the park with them, go out to dinner or just for a drive. Whatever it is, be in the scene with them, not just watching from the outside. Experience the moment, just as if it were really happening. Also, don’t forget to feel gratitude that the relationship you’ve been seeking is finally yours. Do this for a time each morning or evening, and then release it. Don’t dwell on it or worry over it. If it pops into your mind, let yourself feel gratitude for it and then get on with what you are doing. Get lost in your work, whatever it is. That is the best way to “let go and let God.”

If you’ve been doing this and aren’t seeing results, you may need to ask yourself if there is a past relationship that you’re still holding on to. Is there someone who comes into your mind often? It is possible that you aren’t letting yourself enter a new relationship fully because on some level you are still invested in a past one. You may feel that if you start something new, you’re giving up on the relationship you are no longer in. Or you may be afraid that nothing new could compare to what you had before. These thoughts have to be released. Know that, if the previous relationship were going to work, it would have come to pass already. If you did all that you could do and it still didn’t work, then you must release it. It isn’t your fault, and holding onto it is simply robbing you of any further happiness. You must also let go of any resentment you feel toward that person. Mentally with them the best with their life and then release it.

If you are afraid that a new relationship won’t measure up to the old, remember that you hold that power in your own mind. Visualize the relationship that you want. Embrace it, experience it, and know that it is everything you’ve ever wanted. Get excited about it! Know that your future begins today!

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