What Should I Want?

want it all - queen

Feel free to want as much of “life’s bountiful store” as you can appreciate

I love to read. I will read almost anything you put into my hands. Sometimes, if I finish a book or a series and don’t have anything waiting to be read, I will feel sort of lost. With all the books in the world available to me, where do I start? I’m sure you’ve felt that way at times. Have you gone to rent a movie without a specific one in mind and, walking into the store, found yourself suddenly overwhelmed by all the choices?

Many people feel the same way when first introduced to the power of their minds to bring into their experience whatever they choose. With all the world as their oyster, they are suddenly stumped as to exactly what to ask for. Perhaps they’ve been taught that you should just be happy with what you have and that to ask for more is greedy. That was an issue for me at first. The short answer to this is that we are welcomed to all that we can enjoy. It doesn’t become greed until we start taking things just for the sake of having them, things we will not truly enjoy. If you deeply appreciate art, jewelry, automobiles or anything else, then having a collection is wonderful. But if you own these things simply for the sake of having them, if you keep them sealed away where they aren’t appreciated, then what is the point? Partake of as much of the bounty of life as you can appreciate, but don’t seek things just to own them.

Maybe you are dissatisfied with many areas of your life, and you are lost as to where you should begin. Should you attract a new home first, or a car, or a better wardrobe? Perhaps the getting into shape should be your first objective, or a new relationship? Or maybe you should just seek money, and then you can worry about the details? If you are truly dissatisfied with your entire life, there is probably some deeper issue you need to deal with before any new physical property will make you feel better. Wealth doesn’t create happiness. First, begin to cultivate an attitude of gratitude. Develop a sense of thankfulness for the things you DO have, and begin to appreciate them. Replace negative or critical thoughts of others with positive thoughts. Root out any resentment or guilt in your heart and deal with that first. Not only will this prepare you to truly enjoy your new life, in fact your powers of attraction will be drastically restricted until these issues are dealt with. Then, once you find peace in your current situation, begin to imagine a whole new lifestyle. Don’t concentrate on simply one aspect, but encompass them all in a lifestyle of abundance. See yourself wearing your new clothes, driving your new car from your dream home to a nice restaurant with the person you are looking for, and sitting down to an expensive dinner. See the whole picture, get yourself into it on a first-person basis, and feel it as if it were happening now. Don’t approach it from the perspective of something in the future, but from the present tense. Write it down, describing every aspect of your new life. Feel it, appreciate it, be grateful for it, and most importantly, LOVE it!

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