If you Re-Act, you’re just doing the same thing over again…

respond react - ziglar

Reacting is resisting, and resisting is giving our attention and energy to the thing we do not want.

Sometimes, unexpected events will pop up into our reality. They may be simple annoyances, such as a flat tire, or they may be apparent setbacks on our path to reaching our goal. Whatever they are, be sure that when they happen you respond, not react.

What’s the difference? Well, Merriam-Webster.com defines react as, “to change in response to a stimulus,” and “to act in opposition to a force or influence.” The key words here are change and opposition. There is an act, and then you re-act. Your act is to either let the thing you are reacting to change you, or to act in opposition to it. Neither of these will get you closer to your goal.

If you have your mind set where it needs to be, the last thing you should do when something happens is allow it to change you or to change in reaction to it. If you are living from the point of view of your goal already reached, your objective already met, your desire already fulfilled, living in a state of calm, thankful expectation, then any change you could make in reaction would be for the negative. It can only draw you away from the proper mindset.

If you act in opposition to the event, you are resisting. Jesus said in the Sermon on the Mount, “But I say unto you, resist not evil…”(Matthew 5:39). Raymond Holliwell, in his book “Working With The Law”, devoted an entire chapter to what he called the “Law of Non-Resistance”. The point here is that in order to resist something you must give it your attention, yet we know that we are only to give our attention to the things we want, not the things we do not want. Whatever you give your attention to is what you attract, and in resisting a thing you are giving it your attention. The more you resist it, the more attention you are giving it.

What we should do when we are faced with an obstacle is a calm, measured response. Take no more thought for the thing than is necessary to be aware of what it is, and then simply move around it. If at all possible, simply ignore it. If not, do whatever is necessary to get yourself around it, and then give it no more thought. Put it from your mind and immediately put your eyes back onto your goal. At first this will take a bit of effort. The natural instinct is to react, and you will have to be conscious of your thoughts and actions when obstacles appear. But once you have gotten around the first few, the proper response will come more and more naturally to you. If you react and resist at first, simply adjust what you are doing as soon as you become aware of it. Don’t let the fact that you resisted add more stress to the situation. Just relax and let go of the urge to resist. Remember that whatever you resist persists. But if you simply ignore a thing and walk around it, you remove its power to obstruct your way.

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