Are you still watching the pot?

watched pot

We have to take our direct attention away from our goals for a time to give them an opportunity to grow and manifest.

In my explorations and study of the Law(s), I’ve often wondered about an apparent contradiction. On one hand we’re told that we are supposed to live from the viewpoint of the dream fulfilled, that we are supposed to visualize it and only be aware of what we are working toward. However, we are also told that we are supposed to let it go, to relax,to put it out of our mind and get on with our work. So how are we supposed to reconcile the two ideas?

I’m sure this has happened to you before; you wish for something, you pray for something, you think about it and visualize it, you want it so badly you can taste it. It isn’t until your attention is drawn away to something else, though, that it manifests. Not until you’ve forgotten about it does it appear. Remember, a watched pot (or kettle) never boils. I believe that this is the mental state we are to seek out after we have identified our goals. We know that all seeds have a period of incubation. A physical seed planted in the ground has a known period before it sprouts, a seed planted in a womb has a known period before it is born. Spiritual seeds (ideas, desires, etc) also have a period of unseen growth, a period that is determined by factors beyond our current power to reckon. There is countdown from the time we ask for the thing until it manifests,. By constantly thinking of our goals to the point of being distracted by them, we are in effect “asking” for them over and over, and in a way we are “resetting the clock” back to its starting point.

This is a gross oversimplification of what is happening, but in truth this is part of the mechanics of the thing that we just don’t comprehend. The point is, once we have “asked” by identifying our desire and accepting it both intellectually and emotionally, we are supposed to walk away from it and let it grow, to “let go and let God.” Standing over it, watching it every moment, and waiting for something to happen serves no purpose, it wastes our time, and we are actually more likely to trample the sprout than anything else.

Yes, we are told that we should visualize the dream fulfilled, get emotionally involved in it, see ourselves from inside the scene looking out. But we actually shouldn’t do this constantly. This is something we should do perhaps once a day, at a set time, for a set amount of time. To continue the analogy of a planted seed, this is the equivalent of watering it. Set a time, commonly first thing or last thing every day, and water the seed we’ve planted. Then for the rest of the day, go out and do our work to the best of our ability.

This is just my personal understanding of how we are supposed to handle this situation. How do you care for the seeds you’ve planted? Do you have one “system” or “method” that has given you better results than others? Feel free to share them in the comments section below!

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