Just because it’s simple doesn’t make it easy

simple-jobsWhen you first hear someone talking about the idea that you can create the type of life you want by changing your thoughts, you may think it sounds too easy. “Just decide what I want, believe I’ve already got it, and that’s it? If it’s so easy, why isn’t everyone doing it?”

While it is true that those are the basic ideas, when you begin to practice them you may find that simple doesn’t equal easy. You may as well say that to play a piano you just have to press the keys and occasionally push a pedal. While that is true as far as it goes, there is of course more to it than that.

From the practical side of things, replacing decades of “programming” that tell you all the reasons you will never reach your goal is a process that takes time and dedication. You have to mean it, and you have to stick with it. Each time those thoughts pop up you have to turn from them and affirm the reality of your goal. You have to do it over and over until it’s a natural reaction. Then you keep doing it until those negative thoughts don’t pop up anymore, and the thought of your dream fulfilled is your natural state.

You have to practice an attitude of gratitude, and develop a real appreciation that there is something positive in everything that happens. You have to feel gratitude for the things you already have, but what is harder is developing a sense of gratitude for what you desire but don’t yet have in hand. Each person must find his own way of seeing past the apparent reality around him to the vision of his dream fulfilled, and to make that his new reality.

Another aspect of this that many have trouble with is forgiveness. You have to search your heart and root out any guilt and resentment that you find there. You must not only forgive yourself and others, but spend a few moments each day thinking positive thoughts about anyone you found yourself holding ill will toward. Think of positive qualities that they possess, and wish them the best in life. You must keep one eye open for recurrences or new bits of missed resentments popping up,which they probably will. Over they years we build up quite a “naughty list” in our minds, and expecting to expunge it all in one go is asking a little much. Just be prepared to recognize new ones when they pop up, and take care of them as they do. It is no use trying to fake this, or glaze over it, or do it half-way. The only person you cheat by doing so is yourself. Your ability to make your dreams a reality will forever be throttled by resentment and anger.

Perhaps the single biggest issue that keeps “everyone from doing it,” however, is that, instead of facing the fact that their environment is the result of their own thinking and not some outside force, they’d rather sit back and wallow in self-pity, enjoying their status as a “victim of circumstance.” I realize that may sound harsh at first, but it is true. It takes a great deal of courage to admit to yourself that the there is no one out to get you, that the only thing keeping you down is you, that you are, in fact, your own worst enemy. Facing your own mind can be daunting. It can be frightening and at times it can be embarrassing. It requires the ability to view yourself, your own thoughts, attitudes and habits, objectively. It requires you to be honest with the one person it is hardest to be honest with…yourself. It requires the most frightening thing most people can imagine…real change. But once you realize that where you are now is just the fruit of yesterday’s thoughts, and tomorrow can be better by changing how you think, you are on your way. And once you actually clean the cobwebs out and begin to plant new thoughts into your subconscious, the realization of your dreams is only a matter of time.

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