Growing Pains

Though many of our desires fall into similar categories, once we get down to specifics no two people want exactly the same things. While many want more money, the amounts will vary. Many will want a new home, but size, style and location make the variations endless. While some want a car, many may want a new luxury sedan or a classic muscle car while others are only looking for a reliable way to get around town. Some already have many of the material things they want, and are only searching for someone to share them with, or perhaps they are a collector and only lack one rare piece to complete their collection. Others look at their present conditions and see the possibility of a complete overhaul of their life.

If your search for change goes deeper than a new watch or slightly greater income, if you are set on a 180 degree shift in the direction your life is going, understand that there is a lot of subconscious “programming” that must be rewritten. There are many deep-seated thought-habits, opinions and ideas that must be rooted out and replaced. You don’t have to identify each of them individually, you only need to concentrate on the new thoughts that you want to have. Conflicting thoughts will be replaced by the new ones, though if you notice certain recurring thought patterns you may want to pay a little more attention to their opposite. (Remember, give no more attention to the thoughts you don’t want than is necessary to identify them. Once you have them identified, simply focus on their opposite: wealth vs poverty, abundance vs lack, health vs sickness.)

When your new paradigm begins to really supplant the old programming, you may experience some physical effects. There is a real, psychological change taking place, and you can expect it to create some waves. These may manifest as simple unease, fear or nagging doubt. It may even manifest as slight tension or mild headaches.You should be aware that you should never feel like you are forcing the issue. The process should work smoothly. If you feel strain, if your feel more severe physical effects, notice your sleep being affected, or any other similar results, you should probably back off some. You are probably worrying too much, either about doing things the right way or when you are going to see results. Try to relax, take a step back, and don’t put so much pressure on yourself. If doubts about your own belief nag you, repeat to yourself, “I am conscious only of ________(success, wealth, abundance, or whatever your goal is),” each time they pop up. Use this mantra to replace doubt and fear. Of course, if you are noticing symptoms that have you concerned, you should see a physician. They may be unrelated to what you are doing. Always remember though not to let them worry you. Take care of the situation, but don’t forget that worry solves nothing and makes most things worse.

I don’t tell you these things to make you worry or doubt but to make you aware, so that if you do experience a little tension you will not let it shake your resolve. Don’t worry that you are doing something wrong. After all, if you begin working out after a long period of no exercise, you expect your body to be sore for a few days. It’s part of the process. Know that these are simply your mind’s growing pains. They are the results of changing deeply ingrained thought patterns. Instead of worrying that you are doing something wrong, embrace them as a sign that you are doing something RIGHT! Do things that make you happy, that make you laugh, that give you joy. Take a warm shower, or go get a massage. But mostly, take heart that you are making real progress, and your new life is already yours. You are simply waiting to take delivery!

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