Refreshing your faith

obstacles - clarkWe all experience days where our faith is at a low ebb. Days when the evidence of our eyes begins to overwhelm the vision in our minds. Days when our grip on our dream seems to be slipping. The reasons for these days can vary. Perhaps unexpected events claim our attention. Maybe a lack of visible results has us discouraged. And sometimes we just let life distract us. So what do we do on these days to get ourselves back on track?


One solution that is often helpful is to simply take some time to slow down, relax, and calm our minds.Sometimes life gets hectic and we feel as if we’re being pulled in a dozen directions at once. Even when we are busiest, though, there are always a few minutes to stop and regroup. Take a seat, close your eyes, and take a few deep breaths. Remember what your purpose is, what your goal is. Refocus on why you are working so hard. Then go over what needs to be done. Make a list, and number each task in order of their priority. Do the tasks in that order, working steadily but not rushing.


Have a list of go-to inspirational quotes or scriptures that will help recharge your faith and purpose. Write them down on a small card you can carry with you, save them in a file on your computer, or find some other way to have them easily available whenever you need to take a few moments and read them.


Go do something you enjoy doing. Go see a movie, take a walk or a hike, play with your pets, exercise, or anything else that you can do to clear your mind and give you a period where you aren’t thinking about life, problems, or even your goals. Just lose yourself in the activity and have a little “me” time.


Do something that helps you reconnect with your goal. If your desire is a new car, go and test drive it. Get inside it, feel it, see it, smell it. Whatever it takes to refresh your mental image of already having it.


One trick that will help you in the future is to start a journal. Record your feelings as you go along. While we should avoid giving thought to negative ideas and perceptions, this is a time when you it’s ok to express how you feel at that moment, as long as you don’t dwell on it. Write down any progress you make, any doubts you have, areas where you are doing well and areas where you feel you need to make more progress. This is also a good place to write down, the present tense, what your goals are (It feels wonderful now that I have my new car/house/job.) When you record your thoughts and your progress, you can come back in the future and review where you were and how you got past each obstacle without having to fight each battle over an over again.

These steps can help you thought those days when it seems like you just aren’t getting anywhere, or when “real” life seems to be creeping back in to distract you from where you are going. Remember that you are in control of how you feel. If you aren’t feeling the way you want to feel, you have the power to change that.

These feelings are often just an indication that we have let ourselves get distracted. However, there are times when that feeling of “spinning your wheels” is an indication that your progress is being blocked by something inside. It could be unrecognized resentment, fear, or another factor that you haven’t yet uncovered. Tomorrow I’ll tell you about a method for uncovering what may be your emotional roadblock.

What methods do you use when you feel you’ve gotten off track or lost sight of your goals? Feel free to share them in the comments section below!

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