When you’ve gotta grow, you’ve gotta grow

Yesterday I talked about how we all have off days, when our faith runs low and we let the results (or lack of apparent results) start to dictate how we feel. Days when our motivation is nil and we just can’t seem to get back into the zone. There are some simple things we can do on those days, but sometimes those things don’t seem to work. Then one of those days turns into two, three, a week, and then possibly even more. What do you do then?

Shed Your Skin

It’s important to remember that changing the programming in your subconscious, altering how you think and bringing about real change in your life is a process. It’s growth, a journey, and it goes in stages. When you first decide to do this, when you begin to cultivate an attitude of gratitude, when you give up on resentment and forgive those you haven’t before, you’ve taken the first step. In a way you are like a snake who has shed his old skin and taken on a new one. After a time though, you’ll have grown into that one as much as it will allow and it will be time to take the next step, to shed THAT skin and take on yet another. Sometimes these steps of growth are seamless and you may barely notice them, if at all. Sometimes, however, you’ll have one of these periods of “spinning your wheels.” This is your mind’s way of telling you that you’ve grown as far as you can without doing something else. There is now another step you need to take. Possibly something inside you needs to be cleared up before you can move further.

The Roadblock

The thing that is holding up your progress could be nearly anything. It could be unresolved resentment or anger, it could be an unrecognized fear, or it could simply be that you need to perform some type of action to move you further in the direction of your goal. Maybe it’s some action step that you are aware of but have been avoiding, or it could be something that isn’t apparent just yet. Sometimes discovering what is holding up your progress is as simple as sitting down quietly for a few moments and analyzing where you were, where you’ve been and where you are. The next move may become obvious to you immediately. Sometimes you may need to take an objective look at your thoughts and see if a person or a particular circumstance or event has been popping up in your mind lately. Is there some fear or anger associated with those thoughts? Is this something you need to face squarely and deal with? Often this will be enough to make the problem apparent to you, but sometimes you may need to dig a little deeper. Don’t be afraid to pray for guidance in discovering what the issue is. But what if you’ve done all of this and the roadblock still hasn’t made itself known? How do you discover what it is?

Ask Yourself

If you still can’t find out what is holding you back, it may be time to ask the one person who is sure to know it is: yourself. This is a little technique I’ve learned that may assist in uncovering those little secrets that we try to keep from ourselves. Sit down in a comfortable chair where you are sure to be undisturbed for at least 15-20 minutes. You should able to relax without much danger of actually falling asleep. Sit with your arms at your sides and legs uncrossed, feet on the floor. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths, holding them for about a count of 5 before releasing them. Then begin to imagine a narrow beam of white light, an inch or two across, shining down onto the top of your head. Imagine it is sinking into your head and beginning to fill you with white light. See yourself beginning to glow with it, almost like it were a liquid and your body were a glass container. As it starts to fill you, it begins to push all tension, anxiety and worry out of your body through your toes. The light is filling you, moving down through your forehead, to your eyes, nose, lips, mouth. Everywhere the light touches immediately relaxes, all of the negative tension, anxiety and worry being pushed before it and out of your body. See them pushed out as a black oil oozing out. Spreading out from you and soaking in to the ground to disappear. Continue letting the light move down your body to relax you, making a point to pay attention to each area of your body as the light touches it. Feel each area relax as the light reaches it. Once your body is full of light and you are completely relaxed, imagine you are standing in front of a door. You know that on the other side is you, the you that has already reached your goal; the you that has already been through this block and knows how to deal with it. As the door opens there is nothing to see but brilliant white light and mist. Then step through the door.

What is on the other side will depend on what your goal is. Whatever it is, see yourself there clearly. See the you that has already attained what you are seeking. Then speak with yourself. Ask yourself what the issue is that is holding you up. Listen carefully to what you have to say.

When you are doing this, you may feel that thoughts of what you should see or what answers you should receive will pop into your head. You may feel like you are cheating or leading the vision. Don’t. If those thoughts pop up, just go with them. The important thing is to let it flow.

This may sound a little unusual at first, but I have done it a number of times and gotten some startling results. I believe what is happening is that we are actually opening up a channel of communication with our subconscious, and the “vision” is the mask our conscious mind uses to communicate with it. Go with it, and see what great things you can discover about yourself!

Have you used this technique? I’d love to hear your experiences in the comments section below!

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