You Don’t Need To Fight This Battle

control - maraboliOnce there was a king whose kingdom was about to be invaded. This king did not have the ability to fight off the invaders, so he gathered all his people together and they prayed to God to save them. God spoke to them through one of the people, and told him, “Don’t be afraid of all of these people coming against you, for the battle is not yours, but God’s. You do not need to fight in this battle; go out tomorrow, take up your positions, but stand still and you will see the deliverance of the Lord.”

And so the people went out, and the king said to them, “Believe in God and we will be saved, believe and trust Him and we will prosper!” He sent singers ahead of his people to praise God. And as they began to sing, the enemies who were approaching began to turn on one another. Tribe turned against tribe, and then the survivors turned on each other. By the end, not one of the enemy was left.

When the king’s people went down to see the battlefield and collect the spoils, they found so much (cattle, clothes, food and treasure) that it took them three days to collect it all! Not only were they saved from being destroyed, but they actually profited from the situation! (2 Chronicles, Chapter 20)

This illustrates so many of the situations we find ourselves in. We worry, and fret, and doubt, and when that’s all done we worry some more because we’ve gotten so good at it. We find it nearly impossible to simply take our position and let God fight the battle. Partly this is because many of us are brought up with a “do it yourself” attitude. In many instances this is a good thing. But we have to learn to discern when things are in our hands, and when we should leave them in God’s. A simple rule of thumb is this; if the solution is obvious and you can do it without hurting others, go to it. If the solution is not obvious or even seems impossible, let God handle it. He specializes in the impossible.

So many times we would be so much better off to simply stand still and get out of God’salone - pascal way. “Be still, and know that I am God.”(Psalms 46:10)

These thoughts should never be far from our mind when we are seeking to bring change about in our lives. We sometimes get lost in finding the right method or technique, looking for the proper formula, trying to discover exactly how we should think. To receive what things soever you desire, you need only believe that you receive them. When you believe, you will be able to stand still and know that God is in control and it is out of your hands. At that point, you can get on with the work that is in front of you, and do it the best that you can. You can also remember Matthew 6:33, “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” You have your work, God has His. You don’t expect him to do your reports for you, or wash your clothes for you. He doesn’t expect you to do His work, either. Be still, and know that He is in control.

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