Live Your Dream, Not Your Problems

dance - purkeyLive from your ideal. Even if your circumstances will not allow you to physically, do so mentally. If you must make allowances in your daily life because of current circumstances, do so without emotion, worry and with as little thought as possible. Do what you must, but do so from the mental standpoint of the state you desire.

If you desire health but must see a doctor, then go to the doctor. However, do not fret or worry over the outcome. Maintain even in the doctor’s office the mental position of health. See yourself enjoying your healthy body. Picture yourself doing things that assume you are healthy.

If you don’t have the money you need, stay positive about the situation. Make a budget (AND FOLLOW IT) but do not worry about the lack of money. Keep your thoughts and attention on plenty. Not on images of piles of cash, but on yourself in possession of all you need and then some. Spend your quiet moments imagining yourself in a situation that assumes you already have more money than you need, such as giving a substantial sum to a charity, friend or relative.

This is one aspect of your life where it is a great idea to assume. In fact, it’s mandatory! “Believe that you receive it…” means assume the thing is already done.

This may not be easy the first time you try it. Remember, you are uprooting and replacing years, even decades, of deeply reinforced ideas and suggestions in your subconscious. They aren’t going to give up without a fight.

Have you ever seen something that was nailed or tied to a tree years ago? Maybe rope from a tire swing on a limb or a piece of barbed wire across the trunk? Do you remember how the tree began to grow up and over the rope or wire, and how the object was now imbedded in the tree? That’s how these thoughts are in your mind. They’ve made themselves at home. You can get them out however, and much more easily than freeing whatever was attached to the tree.

The way of getting them out is replacing them. New thoughts will, if persisted in, uproot and eject the old ones. There will be resistance at first, but that is to be expected. It’s the way your mind works, and it is to your benefit when the thoughts you have are positive, productive ones.

When day-to-day life distracts you, don’t ignore the things that need to be done. Pay your bills and take your pills, but once that is done, put those thoughts from your mind. Embrace your new life, cultivate your new thoughts, and forget the circumstances that are simply today’s evidence of yesterday’s bad idea.

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