Vision Music

music - mouseThe value of visualizing your goals, of seeing yourself living your dream and getting yourself into the mindset of already having achieved it, is well established. It helps you implant the new ideas into your subconscious, helps you accept them as real, and is generally considered one of the most powerful exercise you can do to help you get where you desire to be. So what could possibly improve this already awesome tool? Music!

When I am sitting down to have my visualization/mediation/prayer time, I find that playing some music helps me get into the feeling of already having reached my goals. It energizes the images in my mind, and acts as a soundtrack to give them an extra degree of depth.

If you decide to do this, the method you use will depend on the equipment you have available and how comfortable you are with technology. I usually pick 3-5 songs and arrange them in a simple audio editing program so that I can add a section of silence at the beginning (to have a few moments to bring myself into a relaxed state) and have the whole thing saved as one MP3 file. If that is more than you feel comfortable doing, you could just set the songs up in a playlist in your favorite music player, make yourself an old-fashioned mix-tape, or have someone else put it together for you.

Since I began doing this, I find myself checking out every song I hear and evaluating for possible use in my “vision music.” The songs I choose are mostly up-tempo, with upbeat, encouraging lyrics. Here are some examples of songs I have used:

  • Amazing Grace (There are many, many arrangements and versions out there. Pick one that works for you. I have used several, and usually use them as the first song. This helps me focus on gratitude for the things in my life and sets the mood for the rest of the session.)
  • I Want It All – Queen
  • Life Is A Highway – Tom Cochrane
  • The Power of Love – Huey Lewis and the News
  • Keep Pushin – REO Speedwagon
  • Give To Live – Sammy Hagar

If music speaks to your soul, you may want to try using it in your visualizations. Find something that moves you, that motivates and encourages you. A little music can make the already powerful exercise of visualization even more dynamic!

Is there a song that gets you fired up? I’d love to hear about it in the comments section!

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