Ask Yourself This…

thinking - thoreauIf you feel like need direction, if you feel like you’re stuck, like you could use some advice or a little inspiration, like you need to talk to someone, there’s always one person available…yourself!

I’ve mentioned this little trick once before, but I thought I’d give it a little more space since it’s helped me out more than once. It isn’t complicated, it isn’t weird, and the results can be surprisingly illuminating.

The basic idea is simple. First, find yourself a comfortable place that you can relax. It’s best not to go somewhere where you usually sleep, like bed or a recliner you may nap in. You need to be comfortable, but you don’t want to doze off. Then close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, holding each one for about a count of five before you release them. Clear your mind, and try to relax your body as much as possible.

When you feel you are as relaxed as you are going to get, imagine a door in front of you. Reach out, open the door, and step through it. Where exactly you come out is up to you. But imagine you meet yourself, the version of yourself that has already reached the goal or achieved the dream you are working toward.

Greet yourself, and ask any questions you’d like. If you feel like something is blocking your progress, ask what it is. If you feel like you need a new idea, ask for one. If you wonder what your next step should be, ask. Whatever you feel like you would like to know, ask it just like you would ask a friend for directions. This is you after all, so there’s no reason to be nervous or stand on ceremony.

What is really happening? There a variety of opinions on that, but personally I believe that you are setting up a situation that allows you to communicate more directly with your subconscious. I think you are giving your subconscious a means of expressing itself in a more accessible and useful way. Or you could say that you are giving your conscious mind a line into your subconscious. However you say it, I think it is simply you putting things that you already know, information that your mind already has access to, into a form that you can understand and make use of.

When you first step through the door and you are wondering what you are going to see on the other side, or when you have asked your question and it’s time for the answer, an idea may pop into your mind. You may think, “Oh, I should see myself in this particular place,” or “I think I would say this.” Don’t fight that idea, unless you absolutely know that you are leading yourself. Usually that idea is the answer coming to you before the avatar you have imagined actually speaks. Think of it as a pre-echo, the idea coming into your conscious mind before it is routed through the mouth of the you that you are asking.

Whatever the issue is, if you’ve sought guidance elsewhere and haven’t found it, maybe you need to ask the one person who is bound to know…you! Even if you’d prayed about the issue but haven’t gotten an answer, maybe it’s because God knows you already know what it is, you just have to find it.

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