Go Do It! Part 2

We’ve all heard the benefits of multitasking. It’s supposed to increase productivity. But does it really? Or do you instead end up with a lot of tasks poorly or half done when you could have had fewer tasks totally finished and done well?
Do your daily tasks, one at a time, until you complete them. Then move on to the next. I no longer try to vacuum, cook and do laundry all at the same time. When I did, I was more likely to burn dinner, make a mess of the vacuuming and completely forget that the clothes need to go in the dryer because I was too busy trying to salvage the mess in the kitchen!
Of course it would be foolish to simply stand there watching the washing machine instead doing something constructive, so we should use available time wisely. But use it to do one thing at a time.
It may help to plan out the night before the things you need to do the next day. Write them down by priority. Then do them to the best of your ability. Do one thing at a time and do it well. Do it completely. If you follow this idea, you may find yourself with much more free time than you expected, which you can devote to working on your dream, on that idea that you’ve always wanted to pursue.
Follow the same principle here. Do one thing to completion. When you’re working on your dream, don’t distract yourself by spreading your attention around on multiple projects. Focus on what you are doing, give it all of your attention and dedication. See it through. If it reaches a point where its further progress is out of your hands, bless it, know it will succeed, and then let it go. Then you can begin working on the next idea.
Of course we all have multiple things going on all the time. Our days are full. But if we spread ourselves too thinly, everything we do suffers. Fewer jobs done right is better than more jobs half done.

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