Let’s Call It What It Is

Since the release of the movie “The Secret” several years ago, the Law of Attraction has been getting a lot of attention. That’s a good thing, as it has introduced millions of people to the idea that they have the ability to mold their own reality with the power of their minds. The problem is that Attraction is only part of the overall picture.

Anyone who studies this idea for any length of time soon learns that Attraction is only one of many “natural laws.” Exactly how many there are, what they are called and how they function varies depending on who you ask. This doesn’t mean the idea is unsound or that the laws don’t exist, it only means that our understanding of them is imperfect.

What are they? That too varies slightly, depending on who you ask.Many times you will hear them called “the orderly method of the omnipotent God.” I think that pretty well sums them up. I believe they were established at the creation of the universe to provide a framework for us by which we may live more fully, more abundantly, and that the ultimate purpose is to draw us closer to God. I feel they are no more mystical or fantastic than other natural laws such as gravity, because I do not feel that nature and God are two competing concepts. Nature is the system established by God. It is not equal to or synonymous with God, but is the tool God used to set up a functional world. God and nature are not mutually exclusive, just as God and science are not. What we call nature is our perception of the Hand of God at work. I think the problem is that these laws function in and through the realm of mind and that in our preoccupation with cause and effect and our flawed concept of reality we often mistake the results as accidents, luck, fate, destiny or coincidence. We fail to understand that they are in fact the results of our thoughts.

Very soon I intend to spend some time exploring these other laws with you. We’ll take a look at the ways that different thinkers and teachers have understood them, divided them up and explained them.

But the purpose of this, today, is simply to announce a convention I intend to use from this point forward. While I at times will use the term Attraction when I am speaking specifically about that law, when I am referring to the all of the laws as a group I will use the term “The Laws.” The reason for this is simply that the ideas encompassed by The Laws are much broader than the Law of Attraction by itself, and it seems silly to refer to a greater thing only by one of its parts. I don’t hop on my pedal to ride down to the store, I hop on my bicycle. I don’t go to my springs at the end of the day, I go to my bed. Therefore, when I mean the entire group of laws as a whole, I will refer to them as such.

Another reason, of less importance but still of some significance, is that many times the topics I discuss are relevant to both those who believe The Laws exist and those who do not, and the term Law of Attraction might drive away people who could otherwise receive some benefit.

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