Holliwell: The Law of Obedience

Many authors have written about natural laws that govern perception, reality and the power of mind and thoughts. Over the next several days, we will explore the various ways these writers have named and described these laws. This examination is merely a quick look at each of these laws, however. It is recommended that you study the books mentioned for yourself to gain a deeper understand of The Laws and how to apply them in your life.

Raymond Holliwell, in his book “Working With The Law,” proposed that there was one ultimate law, the Law of Mind, and that it was in reality synonymous with God. He then broke that one Law down into 11 component laws.  One of these laws was Attraction, but instead of being the entirety of the law, it worked in conjunction with the other ten. Today we will continue our look at how Dr. Holliwell viewed The Laws by examining the tenth of the 11 components of this Law of Mind.

Law of Obedience

The Law of Obedience is one that seems, on the surface, to be self-evident. However, when you give it a little more thought you can see that, even though most of us apply it in some areas, we fail to apply it in others.

When you are taking driver education, part of the course is learning traffic laws. If you do not obey the laws, you get a ticket.

When something is dropped from a height, it’s going to fall. If you jump off of a building, you can’t really disobey the law of gravity, but if you don’t respect it and work within it’s parameters you will suffer the consequences.

If a farmer plants his seeds in the wrong season and doesn’t obey the laws of nature, he will not have a crop to reap.

We are surrounded by laws. There are man-made laws that govern our behavior, and to avoid trouble and live peacefully we behave in harmony with these laws. There are also natural laws that govern our physical world, and in order to get the most out of life we must behave in harmony with these laws as well.

There’s the old story about a man who, approaching a stop sign, slows down and then rolls through it without stopping. Immediately a police car he didn’t notice turns on its lights behind him and the man pulls over. The officer approaches the car and asks the man if he saw the stop sign he just passed. The man says that yes, he saw it. then the office asks the man why he didn’t stop.

“Well, I slowed down,” said the man. At this point the officer pulls out his night stick and begins to whack the man over the head with it!

“Ouch! OUCH! What are you doing? Stop it! STOP!” yells the man.

“Do you want me to stop, or do you want me to slow down?” asks the officer.

When we break man’s laws, we may or may not pay for it. It all depends on someone catching us. When we break God’s laws, the Laws of Mind, we always pay for it, because there is always someone watching…ourselves. It isn’t guilt that causes us to pay for breaking the law, it’s the simple fact that, just like you can’t disobey gravity, you can’t disobey these laws. If you don’t function in harmony with them, if you aren’t obedient to them, the very act of disobeying brings about the consequences. When you spend you time worrying about what might happen, when you dwell on doubt and fear and anger and resentment, you block your mind and heart to the positive aspects of life and you reap the negative.

Natural laws such as gravity, thermodynamics and hydraulics are well-known, and as long as we function in harmony with them we can achieve great things. The laws of mind are no less real, and the same goes for them. As long as we are obedient to the laws and plant our seeds accordingly, we can reap a bountiful harvest.

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