Russell: God Works Through Agreement

Many authors have written about natural laws that govern perception, reality and the power of mind and thoughts. Over the next several days, we will explore the various ways these writers have named and described these laws. This examination is merely a quick look at each of these laws, however. It is recommended that you study the books mentioned for yourself to gain a deeper understand of The Laws and how to apply them in your life.

In 1957 Robert A. Russell published a book titled “God Works Through You.” In it he describes eight avenues through which God works in the world. These eight avenues are not presented as laws per se, but for our purposes in this examination we will treat them as such. Today we will look at the third of these eight methods of God.

God Works Through Agreement

Russell says in his third chapter that our higher self (spiritual self) and lower self (personality) must be in harmony. When we live in the lower self we are disconnected from our source of supply, like an appliance that has been unplugged. We must bring the two into harmony, but we must do more than that. The higher self must be in control, it must direct the lower self.

“It is a great day in your life when you recognize that your struggle is not with the world but with yourself.”

The higher self, the spiritual self, isn’t affected by changes in circumstances. When the adjustment from the lower self to the spiritual self is made our passage through life shifts from a ride in an old horse-drawn wagon to a ride in a hovercraft, floating over all the minor obstacles that used to make life so rough.

You stop trying to create, because you realize that you are already connected to the source of all supply. You simply become aware of the supply that already exists all around you. You know that all good things are manifestations of God, just as a chair is not a chair AND wood, it is wood manifested as the chair.

The lower self is in constant fluctuation between the good and the bad, lack and plenty, illness and health. It is the self that allows you to become jealous, angry, worried and resentful. There is good all around it, but since it has lost its connection to its spiritual identity it is unaware and falls prey to worry and doubt. It is unstable, being washed around by the tides of life or attempting to fight against them. It is up and down, never steady for long.

So how do you make the shift from the lower to the higher self? The subconscious (which Russell calls the soul) is the bridge. It is aware of both sides. When you make the conscious decision to shift your awareness to the spiritual plane, your subconscious opens the gateway. It is the pipe that lets the water flow from the spiritual realm into the physical. You become aware of your thoughts, and whenever you find yourself operating from the point of view of the lower self, shift your perspective. Know you are connected, be aware of God in you and His infinite supply.

It doesn’t happen instantly. It is a progressive change that happens over time, but probably not as long as you think. Watch what you are thinking, and ask yourself where those thoughts come from. When they are the thoughts of your lower self, change them. Dwell on the positive. This is how the lower self and the higher self are brought into agreement.

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