Russell: God Works Through The Kingdom

Many authors have written about natural laws that govern perception, reality and the power of mind and thoughts. Over the next several days, we will explore the various ways these writers have named and described these laws. This examination is merely a quick look at each of these laws, however. It is recommended that you study the books mentioned for yourself to gain a deeper understand of The Laws and how to apply them in your life.

In 1957 Robert A. Russell published a book titled “God Works Through You.” In it he describes eight avenues through which God works in the world. These eight avenues are not presented as laws per se, but for our purposes in this examination we will treat them as such. Today we will look at the fourth of these eight methods of God.

God Works Through The Kingdom

The fourth chapter of Russell’s look at the methods of God talks about the Kingdom of God being a state available inside us all right now, not a future manifestation of a literal Kingdom on Earth. He doesn’t deny the idea of Heaven, but makes the point that if we do not live in the Kingdom here now, we will never reach the one to come.

The major thrust of the chapter is that the Kingdom is our awareness of both God in us and God in everything around us. It is in our viewpoint, our ability to see and accept the health and plenty available to us instead of seeing only the illness and lack around us.

The good is already there. The health, abundance and happiness are already provided. We do not have to beg for them, we only must bring ourself into awareness of them. We must relate ourselves to them, see them, accept them. If we are more conscious of our need for the good than we are aware of the good itself, we have disconnected ourselves from the supply and we encourage the growth of the need instead. We must shift our attention off of the problem and onto the answer. Even if our attitude is positive, if it is directed toward the negative state it only feeds the negative state. Our subconscious delivers to our reality the picture we constantly set before it.

This isn’t God being capricious or vindictive. It is simply the law. It is how the Kingdom works. If we are constantly aware of need and want, we will live in a constant state of need and want. If we shift our attention and focus to the good, the plenty and supply, then that is what will manifest.

This goes farther than just holding happy pictures in our minds, however. We must acknowledge God as not only bigger than ourselves, but bigger than the circumstances to which we have given so much thought. We must believe those pictures. We must accept their reality and take peace from them, because if we are in a state of struggle, conflict and competition we choke off our source of supply.

The Kingdom of God is your conscious awareness of the presence of God, and it is here that your needs are met. It is the awareness that it is everything, that we are already in it, and that it is in us. We must make all of our thoughts, words and actions be in harmony with this idea. It takes time, practice and effort, but it is possible to all of us. When we begin to do this, we will truly see that we are the branch and without the vine, we are nothing.

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