Russell: God Works In The Now

Many authors have written about natural laws that govern perception, reality and the power of mind and thoughts. Over the next several days, we will explore the various ways these writers have named and described these laws. This examination is merely a quick look at each of these laws, however. It is recommended that you study the books mentioned for yourself to gain a deeper understand of The Laws and how to apply them in your life.

In 1957 Robert A. Russell published a book titled “God Works Through You.” In it he describes eight avenues through which God works in the world. These eight avenues are not presented as laws per se, but for our purposes in this examination we will treat them as such. Today we will look at the sixth of these eight methods of God.

God Works In The Now

The Passage of Time

Now is the time. (Photo credit: ToniVC)

One of the basic tenets of The Laws is that we should believe, act, think and thank as if the good we seek is already in our hands, not something that is coming to us at a future time. The past is forgotten, and the future isn’t here yet. The only time that matters is now.

As Russell points out, it is the difference between unloading a ship that is moored at the dock and waiting for “your ship to come in.” Is is the difference between harvesting a field that is already ripe and waiting for the crop to ripen. It is the tense that you see things from that counts.

When I was growing up, in church we would sing what we called “The Doxology.” It begins:

“Praise God, from whom all blessings flow;”

As a child, and even as an adult, I knew that God was the Creator of everything but I missed the deeper meaning of these words. All blessings do indeed flow from God. Think of it as a spiritual pipeline running from God into our lives. On the end of that pipe, like most pipes, is a valve. The only thing keeping blessings from flowing to us constantly is our sin, our wrong thinking, which closes the valve and shuts off the flow.

One of Christ’s purposes was to show us how to turn that valve back on. Part of that is not to think of our blessings as coming to us later, but now. “Believe that you receive them and ye shall have them.” (Mark 11:24)

The blessings are already there, are always there. We do not experience them in our lives because we fail to see them in our minds, fail to be aware of them, fail to accept them.

As Russell points out, when we are in water, is the business of the water to make us wet. When we are in the tropics or the arctic is the business of the climate to make us warm or cold. We do not have to DO anything. When our vision is correct, when we become aware of our link to God through Christ, we take our place in the Kingdom of God and begin to turn that valve. When we are in the Kingdom it is the business of the Kingdom to supply us.

Time is a human creation. It is something we manufactured to make sense of the goings on around us. It isn’t as concrete as we think it is. Ever noticed how the older you get, the quicker time seems to move? As technology advances, communications speed up and our sense of times shifts there as well. How long did it take in the past to mail a letter across the ocean? Now telephones and internet bridge that gap instantly.

Our supply is sitting there waiting. The only limitations on it are put there by us. We impose our own limits by our lack of understanding.

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