Russell: God Works Through Truth

Many authors have written about natural laws that govern perception, reality and the power of mind and thoughts. Over the next several days, we will explore the various ways these writers have named and described these laws. This examination is merely a quick look at each of these laws, however. It is recommended that you study the books mentioned for yourself to gain a deeper understand of The Laws and how to apply them in your life.

In 1957 Robert A. Russell published a book titled “God Works Through You.” In it he describes eight avenues through which God works in the world. These eight avenues are not presented as laws per se, but for our purposes in this examination we will treat them as such. Today we will look at the final method of God.

God Works Through Truth

“Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” (John 8:32)

Duality of Mind

Duality of Mind (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So what is the truth? The truth is that God is at the center of your being. He is already there, he is already pouring blessings “down the pipe.” They are ready to appear as soon as you bring your mind into harmony and alignment with them.

How do you know the truth? By becoming aware of God within you, of your oneness with Him, of your connection to Him and His desire to bless you. By clearing your heart of resentment, anger, and guilt and filling it with love for God, each other and yourself. By knowing that your Mind, your spiritual mind, is one with the Mind of God, and that it is only your human mind, the thoughts of the material mind, that limit you and that must be denied.

What does the truth set you free from? Worry, doubt, insecurity, fear and want.

“There are many forms and methods of prayer and treatment, but the essential in all prayer is to know, and know that you know, that what you have asked in prayer is already yours.” – Robert A. Russell

That isn’t the easiest thing, because until we learn this we spend our lives thinking that everything happens randomly, or that we are supposed to be in the situation we are in, or that life just happens and we just have to deal with it. Those ideas are conditioning, and they can be hard to get past.

You don’t reprogram this conditioning by just repeating words over and over. Affirmations can help, but without an awareness of God within you they are useless. They remind you that your blessings are already there, but the awareness makes you able to believe them, to know the truth.

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