Don’t shoot yourself in the foot

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Don’t block the flow of blessings with self imposed limits. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Often we are our own worst enemy. Through wrong thinking and a lack of understanding, we cut off the flow of blessings into our lives. There are many different avenues that this can take, but over the next few days we’ll take a brief look at three common ones.

 Self Imposed Limits

This is a problem that many of us have, especially early on in our study of the Laws. It is placing artificial limits on God by only being able to imagine His supply coming to us through certain channels. This is the reason we are so often warned against worrying about how our desires will manifest.

If you can only imagine increased income reaching you through your regular job then you restrict it and choke off other channels which you’ve probably never even imagined. If you want a new relationship but in your imagination you limit your possibilities on how and where you may meet someone, the same thing applies.

You’ve probably heard of the “butterfly effect” and chaos theory. The simple definition is that small initial actions can have huge and seemingly unrelated effects, such a butterfly flapping its wings and a hurricane forming somewhere else weeks later as a result. We do not have the mental capacity to take into account the vast number of variables related to cause and effect in our lives, but God does.

Try not to focus on the how. The method is not up to you, and if you try to “help” you probably won’t. This is one place where “let go and let God” comes into the picture. In my experience, God has a sense of humor and seems to get a kick out of delivering things to me in ways I would have never been able to dream of on my own. Instead, focus on the desire itself and the emotions you will feel when you receive it. Make sure gratitude is one of those.

Open yourself up to infinite possibilities and even become excited about seeing how things work out. Just don’t impose limits on the delivery method.

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