Don’t let your weather affect your climate

Sometimes when reading about things like the Law of Attraction we can get the impression that we bring about every single incident that happens in our lives because of our thoughts. While it is true that the general tone of our lives is determined by our own outlook and mindset, when particularly unfortunate or even terrible things happen, this can lead to unintended feelings of guilt. “Oh no, you mean I brought this on myself?” The truth is that sometimes the actions of others overlap into our lives. At those times faith and trust in something bigger than ourselves should be a source of comfort and hope, not a reason for guilt and pain.

Rain camera

You determine the climate of your life, but sometimes it’s gonna rain (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

Let me put it like this. When you are in school, you learn the difference between climate and weather. The climate of a region is the general trend of the environment measured over long periods. Weather is specific incidents of atmospheric activity that can differ greatly from the usual climate. In other words, climate is the big picture, while weather is the specific details.

Our thoughts and feelings determine the climate for our lives. They determine the overall, big picture view of what our lives are like. Just like how places with a reputation as being sunny and dry (Southern California, the desert, etc) can occasionally have incidents of terrific rainfall, even lives that are generally positive and happy can sometimes experience negative events and circumstances.

Then life rains on you, don’t lose hope. Don’t think you are doing something wrong. Don’t let the rain cause your mind to shift into a negative mode. The rain will end and the sun will come back out. Remember that, be thankful for the good things you have, and stay positive.

Does this mean that our minds are unable to affect our “weather”? Not at all. Prayer and proper thinking can bring about change in specific situations. Just remember that sometimes, it just rains.

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