Give Some Thought To Thoughts

Habits - Iron Photographer 148 - Utata

Sometimes when we want to change our circumstances, we hide from ourselves the true reasons that we are where we are. Sometimes we need to take a good long look in the mirror and face up to things that we haven’t faced up to previously, things we’ve excused to ourselves or ignored.

I’ve said before that our thoughts determine the climate of our lives, the overall direction our lives are taking. Sometimes those thoughts are so old, so ingrained, that we do not even notice them as being “thoughts.”

Stick with me through this, because it may be a little confusing the first time you read it through. When we are dealing with others, we may speak aloud to them to communicate what we would like them to do. However, if we know them well we may be able to simply nod our heads a certain way and they know what we want done. Or if we have worked with them for a long time there may be no overt communication needed, they just know what needs to be done next.

We communicate internally in a similar way. We often have thoughts that are formed as words in our minds, such as, “What do I want for lunch?” or “I wish these slow people would get out of my way!” We also have thoughts that are simply unformed notions where thought is taking place but not to the degree of forming into words. These are the sorts of thoughts we have when grocery shopping in a familiar store. There isn’t a conscious decision to go to Aisle 9 for bread, we simply know that the bread is down this way and so that is where we go.

We may also have thoughts that are totally silent in our minds, thoughts that have been around so long they are not even noticed anymore. Thoughts that generate actions on an automatic level. These are called habits.

We spend so much time watching our obvious thoughts that the habits we have that may be shortchanging our success slip by unnoticed. Through the course of your day today, pay attention to the things you are doing. Notice your habits and give some thought to how they may be affecting your progress. Tomorrow we’ll go into this subject a little more deeply.

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