More Thoughts on Thoughts – or – How to get out of your own way

Slacking (and snacking) at work

Should you be working right now? (Photo credit: °Florian)

Habits are the results of thoughts that are so ingrained that we are not even consciously aware of them anymore. It is possible to form positive habits, but if we haven’t taken time to honestly evaluate what these “silent thoughts” have us doing, the majority of them are probably negative.

If you feel like no matter what you do, circumstances keep knocking you down, there are some questions you need to ask yourself. The asking may be uncomfortable, and the answers may be painful, but that is a good thing. Rooting these thoughts out, dragging them into the light and replacing them with more productive and positive ones, will allow you to move forward. Surgery involves some pain at the time but the result is greater health afterward.

If you never seem to get ahead at your job, ask yourself these questions and answer them honestly: do you make excuses for slacking off, do you find reasons to take a longer lunch break or come in late, do you spend extra time at the water cooler, coffee pot, or on the Internet?

If you seem to often find yourself being blamed for things, ask yourself how often you point the finger or get into arguments with others.

If failure seems to haunt you or you find yourself depending on others, ask yourself if you are fearful, doubtful, or indecisive.

Our thoughts really do determine the circumstances around us. Sitting around visualizing success gains nothing if we shirk our actual work or spend more time making excuses than we do actually getting things done. Pay attention to your actions and the decisions you make, and reflect on how those may be sabotaging your progress. To change our lives we must change ourselves, and that change must be more than skin deep.

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