On Giving And Receiving

A bronze Widow's Mite or Lepton, minted by Ale...

A bronze Widow’s Mite or Lepton, minted by Alexander Jannaeus, King of Judaea, 103 – 76 B.C. obverse: anchor upside-down in circle, reverse: star of eight rays. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are times when we let a misguided sense of pride or faith cause us to make mistakes, and this often happens in the area of finances. If you are in a situation where you are seeking more money, keep these thoughts in mind.

On Receiving

Do not avoid lawful opportunities because you feel you should wait for something else or because you think you are taking a step of faith. The only opportunities you should avoid are unlawful ones, or ones that would obviously be detrimental to someone else.

If you are unemployed, do not be ashamed to apply for unemployment compensation or other assistance, and do not avoid applying because you think of not applying as a step of faith. Each day you have worked you have paid into the system, and now you are only reaping the seeds you have sown in the past. There is nothing wrong with this. When others offer you help, do not avoid it out of a sense of pride. Accept it graciously and be thankful for it.

Such opportunities are given to you so that you may find peace and gratitude in them, and use them as a step toward reaching your greater goals. Be grateful that the money is there, even though it isn’t as much as you were making before. This is an opportunity for you to grow, and by growing, you can come to the place where the things you have been wanting have been waiting on you, and things will be even better than before.

The only opportunities to be shunned are unlawful ones, or ones that will hurt another. Do not accept opportunities that offend your moral code or break the law, because they will land you in trouble in one way or another. Either you will be punished by the law, or you will punish yourself through guilt.

On Giving

It is good to give, but do not give out of a sense of obligation, and do not give as a step of faith. Often the story of the “Widow’s Mite” is pointed to as an example of giving the last you have in faith that more will come. But read the story again. The widow is not commended for giving the last she had. All that is stated is that she gave more than the rich, because they were giving out of their abundance and she was giving all she had.

The only time giving the last you have is of benefit to you is if you have been holding onto it as a lifeline and have put your faith in it rather than something greater than yourself. In that case, your hands are already full and unable to receive any more, and letting go of it releases you from the bondage of holding onto it and frees you to accept something larger. If you do this, however, do not do so reluctantly or fearfully. Do so boldly and in true faith.

We should receive gratefully and give freely, without shame, guilt or coercion. Do not let pride block you from blessings that should be yours, and do not let a misguided sense of faith cause you to make times harder than they have to be.

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