About Susan

Susan Michelle Noland was born in the Deep South of the US in, as she says, “nineteen-sev-something-or-other.” She grew up in a loving, hard-working home where faith played an important role. As an adult, she maintained her core beliefs as she studied other religions and learned that, while she may not personally subscribe to all of their teachings, every faith has something worthwhile to offer mankind.

As she discovered the Law of Attraction and began to research it, she soon came to the conclusion that it was simply a means of putting the faith she had grown up believing in into action. She believes it is a practical framework that, instead of contradicting anything she had been taught, in fact supports it and makes it easier to understand and apply in everyday life. Her studies have led her to understand that, while more involved than what is commonly presented in mass-media, consumer-packaged versions of the law, it is still simple, common sense ideas that are within the reach of anyone who wants to change or improve their lives.

This realization is what led Susan to begin sharing her understanding with her friends and family. When they began to approach her and ask what had changed in her life, she began to, bit by bit, introduce them to these simple concepts. As she saw her ideas making a difference in the lives of people she cared about, she became inspired to share them with more people. Just the thought that her understanding could possibly help someone else gain more happiness, abundance, or success drove Susan to begin organizing her thoughts into forms more easily shared with a wider audience.

And that brings us to here, to now, to you and this website, and your desire to see a change in your life. If you know you are capable of more, if you desire more out of life, if you know life has more to offer but just can’t quite seem to get your hands around it; if you feel that you’re just missing something, one little piece that will make it all come together; if its all there but just won’t seem to fit, you’re in the right place. There IS a trick, there IS a secret, there IS a key. Although there isn’t anything tricky about it. It isn’t really a secret because it’s been hidden in plain sight the whole time. You’ve always held the key. The only thing missing is knowing how to turn it, and that’s what Susan wants to show you here. Please come back often to see what new lessons, insights and ideas she has presented. You have nothing to lose, but a new world to gain.